Friday, January 3, 2020

#Best_Dentist_Dental_Surgeon in Noida , Delhi , Zakir Nagar , Jamia Nagar (NCR)

Dr Shagufta 
Dental Surgeon & Cosmetologist
Noida NCR (Delhi )


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  3. I had the best dental experience ever. Dr.Behrooz "The Best dentist in Richmond Hill" immediately realized that I have dental anxiety, using calming techniques combined with his witty humour, I didn’t even realized when I got freezing. He is extremely knowledgeable providing top notch work. Couple of my teeth had deep cavities with very high possibility of needing root canal. There were done so well that not only my sensitivity was gone but I didn’t even need to go back for adjustment which was the the case with me going to other dental offices. I definitely go back and recommend him.

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